The leading imagery & GIS solutions provider in the MENA region for more than two decades.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in the business hub of the Middle East, Dubai, SIME offers a full spectrum of products and services ranging from imagery collection and processing, to highly customized and sophisticated GIS database and software solutions.

Working tirelessly in partnership with its clients and using their feedback to enhance its offerings, SIME has been able to drive the development of the geospatial industry in the region, making geospatial solutions accessible, reliable, and manageable.

In this way, the company has established itself as the most trusted provider in the region, consistently delivering customized, cutting-edge geospatial solutions on time and under-budget.

Complete Turnkey Solutions

Satellite Imagery

Provider of Highest Resolution Imagery in the Region

Access to Largest Satellite Constellation in the World. Up to 30cm resolution imagery with direct tasking and downlink.

Aerial Imagery

From Survey Planning to Production & GIS Integration

Experienced on-ground crew and specialized planes stationed in the UAE ensures quick mobilization of resources for aerial surveys in the region

GIS Solutions

In-house Development Of Customizes Solutions

Offering complete turnkey GIS solutions, consultancy & project management with local training facilities.

GIS Products

Off the shelf GIS Products can be immediately deployed

A variety of products to meet your requirements for web mapping, 3D modeling and advanced imagery analysis

Your Total Geospatial Solutions Provider

Our Mission

Create and supply new markets with satellite and aerial imagery and related services by utilizing client feedback, educating organizations and supporting them in the use of images and GIS products and systems. Make imagery and GIS solutions available, accessible, useful and user-friendly, thereby adding business value for its clients.

Our Clients