With our before and after imagery of a disrupted area, Insurance companies can plan aid to support their customers. Even before a disaster, our imagery is a valuable base layer to evaluate risk factors and establish burden formulas and tables to institute policy pricing for varying demographic areas.

Insurance companies worldwide are increasing their use of satellite and aerial imagery as a technology to drive efficiencies within the industry. Viewing the earth from above gives insurance companies the quick and efficient means to monitor and assess insured assets and surrounding environments. With our vast collection capabilities and ability to respond to catastrophes worldwide, we can provide fast response to insurance companies and help them monitor claims.

Risk Modeling
Identifying the risk profile of a neighborhood to set pricing levels is greatly enhanced by using historical and current views of satellite imagery to predict insurance risk impacts. Satellite image models quickly allow the insurance companies to extract environment and terrain risk, such as excessive damage from tree crowns, fire risks from brush or water damage from flood plains.

Damage Assessment
Catastrophic impacts from earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes and floods affect insurance and reinsurance companies. Responsiveness to claims can make the human tragedy less painful, and our imagery is a fast means of identifying the area of most need. Assessment to property and infrastructure such as roof damage, rebuilding claims, storm water damage and coastal flooding can occur without onsite claims or impact to local response teams.

Insurance Fraud Protection
Millions of dollars per year are lost to fraudulent insurance claims especially in the world of agriculture. Our high-resolution images provide insurance companies with valuable assessments of crop plantings, irrigation patterns and even how a specified crop was planted. Our quick revisit rates and vast ImageLibrary of global images provides evidence of whether misappropriation of insurance assets occurred, which is often evidence in litigation to support or deny claims.