Real Estate Development & Construction

The visual clarity and technical accuracy of earth imagery reveals a more comprehensive view of a selected site and its surrounding area. Physical factors like access to new roadways, where nearby commercial and residential areas exist and identification of the types and condition of abutting vegetation are not revealed in standard line maps and visual mockups. Using our high resolution imagery, today’s land development professionals achieve a greater understanding of the overall geography and terrain and report fewer site visits, which previously consumed greater time, money, and resources.

Important project details that DigitalGlobe imagery contributes to successful AEC projects include the following:

  • Pavement edges and pavement types
  • Buildings and other large structures
  • Driveways, sidewalks, and fences
  • Obstructions like rock outcroppings, trees, and culverts
  • Utility structures, such as cross boxes and transformers
  • Number of stream, road and railroad crossings

Communicating More Information Faster
Earth imagery conveys 80% more information than traditional maps and vector drawings. Consequently, it is naturally now a key communication tool for the building industry both internally between coworkers and externally with clients and regulatory agencies. Throughout the design and construction phase, our imagery forms a base layer for key collaborative activities between interested parties.

Enhance the Design Process
In competitive bidding, the detail and attractiveness of high quality color imagery can give your designs more of an impact. During the master planning and schematic design phases, high quality, recent imagery can serve as a key tool in successfully determining relationships to other structures, trees, sidewalks, and more.

A Picture Saves a Thousand Words
Architects and builders turn to our high quality imagery because of its clarity, accuracy and image processing capability. Our imagery enhances the selling and marketing effectiveness of a firm and its portfolio, whether digital or in print.

Integrating Imagery to Your Enterprise
Whether you are formulating roads and infrastructure or building a strip mall, using DigitalGlobe imagery can streamline your work. We provide both satellite and aerial imagery in and out of online and offline solutions that make it a powerful part of your workflow.