Utilities & Public Services

Imagery is the foundation for a multitude of mapping activities that help build, maintain and protect assets and, as importantly, keep surrounding citizens and environments safe and secure. DigitalGlobe imagery solutions help companies manage the complexity of their utility infrastructure, its surrounding environment, and the changes that are taking place over time.

Capacity Planning
Our imagery integrates easily into GIS to enhance understanding of the demographic changes and location based information required to insure that current capacity matches to the growth or decline of a service region. High-resolution satellite imagery helps planners create up to date maps with city boundaries, roads, urban streets, population, and other attributes that can help identify planning goals.

Land Use and Compliance
The ever-increasing regulations and required permits for operating within the utility industry make imagery an essential tool for completing the compliance and approval process or managing land ownership rights. Our imagery provides valuable visual insights for accomplishing tasks like assessing proper buffering around power lines, placing roadside equipment boxes for least visual impact, and determining placement of sewer lines consistent with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. In addition, imagery accurately documents aspects of projects, helping permit granting agencies return quick decisions. Earth imagery has also served as a record of accuracy in lawsuit disputes.


Location information and geography have enormous impact on the telecommunications industry.

Facility and Asset Management
Monitoring and protecting infrastructure assets and the populations near them is an around-the-clock job. Telecommunication and utilities companies can better protect their investments with accurate base maps of ground assets. Earth imagery from DigitalGlobe’s online library allows technicians to view and analyze many different locations directly from their desktops, which replaces expensive and time consuming site visits up to 50 percent. It also guides them to the correct location when maps are out of date or the area involves a remote, hard to access region.

Telecommunication professionals need imagery early in the design process to engineer and construct new facilities and to visualize the impact of new construction on the landscape and surrounding community. It is also used to design site access which lessens construction costs based upon elevations, soil erosion and flooding potential. Why build a cell tower upon sub optimal land when imagery can mitigate millions of dollars in repairs and maintenance?

Navigation Services

High-resolution aerial and satellite imagery can provide consumers with a more accurate and realistic understanding of their location and the geography of their surroundings. This enhances automobile, nautical or pedestrian navigation, including for outdoor recreation and off road travels.

Automobile Navigation
Give drivers the rich mapping layer of our detailed satellite and aerial images with streets overlay so they can easily find their way.

Nautical Navigation
High-resolution aerial and satellite imagery, when overlaid on the chart, provide the mariner with improved situational awareness. “Real world” views of ports, harbors, marinas, waterways, navigation landmarks and other points of interest offer another powerful tool for navigating unfamiliar waters.

Personal Navigation
Enhance any regular Java-enabled mobile phone or PDA with navigation and local search information over our earth imagery. Provide users with the most current and precise images available, surpassing traditional maps in usability and accuracy.

Fleet Management
Where are your trucks, cabs, snowplows or even airplanes? And how should they be routed? Combining earth imagery with your GPS application helps you more accurately see the location of each of your assets and how to better manage all of them, even when you are on the go.

Here’s how our Aerial Survey division helps clients inspect power lines in an efficient manner.

UAV Powerline Survey

UAV/Drone Inspection Services for Power and Communications Lines