Stopping Crimes Before They Happen

A predictive policing software that produces highly accurate data predicting when and where crime is likely to occur next.

The Crime Prediction software accommodates all existing datasets and other connected and disconnected government entity datasets to accumulate maximum available historical data in order to better interpret and analyze information and ultimately accurately predict future crimes.


Given the vast amount of data and continuous analysis, the system generates useful statistics for Police Department to create custom reports such as which CCTV coverage area witnessed most crimes, which street had most car thefts at night etc.

CCTV Integration

The system offers complete CCTV integration and highlights coverage are for every camera as well as coverage area for an incident on the map. This feature allows a Police Department to implement more effective CCTV installations on suggested streets/areas.

Resource Utilization

The system provides information on patrol units’ locations at the time of an event/incident along with recommended preventive measures for a more accurate policing & resource utilization in sensitive areas/communities.

Crime Prediction Modules

What makes Crime Prediction robust and extensive

Incidents & Events Data Module

All events, live and historical can be viewed on the map through quick selection tools from the main menu.

  • View Live Events up to last 12 hours
  • Search and view historical events
  • View event details such as time, type, location etc.
  • CCTV coverage for event highlighted on the map
  • Position of patrol units at the time of the event

System Generated Predictions & Alerts

The system keeps performing spatial data analysis and predicts occurrence of a crime.

The forecast is broken down to hourly probability on a selected date. A user can also select custom area and parameters to narrow down predictive analysis for a community or police station zone. The system notifies the users of impending crimes along with probability percentage.

Prediction Parameters

Define new symbology classes and quickly create assets based on predefined symbologies.

You can also add, edit and delete selected assets and group the existing ones into folders. The module also provides the option to configure videos to be displayed on Billboard or on Terrain and to create scenarios quickly to depict real world simulations.

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