Accessing remote areas for risk-free aerial inspections

UAV & Drone Inspection Services for Power & Communication Lines.

Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) & Drone Inspection Services increase operational efficiency and improve safety.

Drones can be used to inspect power lines and power pylons for bird’s nests, lightning strikes, rust/corrosion and damaged bolts. Our drone solution system takes into account the magnetic interference of the power lines which affects the drone compass. Therefore, we can fly extremely close to the power lines, and as a result provide high resolution images and data, useful in the optimization of your maintenance plan.

UAV Powerline Survey

UAV/Drone Inspection Services for Power & Communication Lines


  • Easy inspection of areas difficult to access such as high voltage towers in tough terrain

  • Access to areas that pose health, safety and environmental risk to human & material resources

  • Preventive maintenance planning for optimized and uninterrupted production

  • Immediate detection of hotspots for faster response

  • Authorized and qualified UAV-inspection personnel

  • Reduced downtime compared to manual inspections

  • High resolution & geo-referenced data capture

  • Ability to reach closer as well as provide wider views

  • Quick on-site deployment of the drone systems

We also offer end to end solutions for data storage, management, processing, analysis & reporting.

Our Fleet

Power Line Survey

The M600 Pro has an extended flight time and a 5km long-range transmission. With improved flight performance and better loading capacity; the pre-installed arms and antennas reduce time required for setup, therefore reducing mission accomplishment time.

Power Line Survey

The Carrier H6 Hybrid drone series has an impressive and mission critical payload capability ranging from 5kg to 18kg. It is used to carry a variety of different sensory payloads such as HD zoom cameras, thermal imaging cameras multispectral cameras, and LiDAR.

Inspection Types

  • Right of Way Inspections

  • Tower Component Inspections

  • Wires & Cables Inspections

  • Storm Damage Assessment

  • Erosion Inspections

  • Malfunction areas inspections

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Hot Spot Detection

Our wide variety of inspection methods offer a more efficient, cost-effective and safe process that gives better, closer monitoring and control, while you continue your business operations as usual.

Drone Inspection Services

Drone inspections and surveys of difficult-to-access structures deliver a more efficient, cost-effective and safer inspection process that can help mitigate risk, while you keep operations running as usual.

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Our drone services include:

  • Building & Rooftop Inspections
  • Bridges Inspections
  • Oil & Gas Pipelines Inspections
  • Solar Panels & Cooling Towers Inspections
  • Railway Lines Inspections