Our Journey through the Years

We started off in 1997 in a camel farm and have risen to a formidable players in the GIS industry. We have made a habit of being a “Company of Firsts”. Have a brief read and see what we are talking about.


Space Imaging Middle East (SIME) was established in 1997 and headquartered in the business hub of the Middle East. The company became the first commercial high-resolution satellite imagery provider in the Middle East region. SIME was partners with Space Imaging (now GeoEye), one of the leading satellite imagery providers in the world, and  aimed to provide the regional market with the best resolution satellite imagery available. SIME’s clients started benefiting from its diversified offerings including, unparalleled access to high-resolution imaging satellites and in-house image processing services.


EUSI works in close partnership with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) from where it operates its own Direct Access Facility (DAF) for the WorldView satellites. The DAF is located within DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany.


Following its growth and success in the Middle East, SIME established a sister company in Munich, Germany, to cater to the European market. European Space Imaging (EUSI) was founded in 2002 and is the only European satellite data provider that operates its own high-resolution satellite ground station for direct satellite tasking and local data downlink.


By 2003, based on the requirements and feedback of clients, a GIS Department was established to meet the growing demands of the industry. The SIME GIS department was solely responsible for developing GIS software applications that would integrate seamlessly into our clients existing infrastructure, and enable them to better extract, manage, share and store their geospatial data.


In 2005, SIME sought to drive further growth in the regional market by establishing its own Aerial Imagery Division to supply a complete suite of aerial imagery products and services. The division is fully equipped with a Cessna aircraft and aerial photography equipment that are stationed in the Middle East, manned by an experienced crew and fully trained technical staff.

SIME’s GIS team announces the release of its flagship product: AnalystPlus. AnalystPlus is an imagery intelligence lifecycle management system that supports the storage, retrieval and management of digital non-spatial/spatial data. It is a versatile tool for mission planning, command & control centers and defense organizations.


GeoBrowser3D is an interactive 3D world viewer. It leverages satellite imagery and elevation data to allow users to experience Earth terrain in visually rich 3D, just as if they were really there. Spatially referenced data, primarily comprising of satellite and aerial imagery, digital terrain models, vector data such as locations, water bodies and buildings, is placed on a 3D globe surface and displayed at its true geographic location. GeoBrowser 3D is powered by NASA World Wind.


On the 14th of November 2007, SIME celebrated its 10th anniversary as the leading geospatial solutions provider in the region. With a clear vision of empowering businesses in the region by supplying them with high-resolution satellite imagery, SIME has worked tirelessly to develop strategic business alliances, produce innovative solutions, and educate its audience on the ways in which imagery can enrich their business operations.


SIME’s Aerial Division joins hands with COWI which enables both companies to share and expand their access to a wide variety of sensors and aircraft. COWI is a leading northern European consulting group. Its Division of Geographical Information & IT constitutes one of the largest private mapping and surveying companies in Europe.


Space Imaging Middle East (SIME), along with European Space Imaging (EUSI) and DigitalGlobe, Inc., announced the formation of the WorldView Global Alliance in November, 2009. The Alliance delivers complete end-to-end world imagery products and services, delivered when and how you need them.

GeoAxel is SIME’s flagship enterprise 3D visualization environment which allows you to visualize your geospatial data (vector and raster) on a 3D terrain or city mode, all within a flexible framework that is optimized for analytical applications.

SIME’s Aerial Division creates history by conducting the first ever aerial thermal survey in the Middle East.


GeoServ is designed and developed to enable you to leverage GIS everywhere via a web browser. GeoServ serves as a complete, self-contained application that enables timely retrieval of information, advanced analysis, quick integration and secure dissemination of information.


Through its partners network, SIME’s Aerial Division is able to introduce the first ever UAV for commercial use in the Middle East. The senseFly UAV is capable of taking high resolution images at specific locations and without motion blur.

Space Imaging Middle East (SIME) announced that they have become the first authorised reseller for Google Enterprise Geo solutions in the region. The agreement, which combines Google’s leading software development platform with SIME’s high-resolution imagery and in-house GIS development capabilities, promises to revolutionize the way geospatial data is utilized in the region.


The DigitalGlobe constellation of satellites surpasses the 2 Billion Square Kilometer mark for the collection of high resolution earth satellite imagery.

SIME announced that it has entered into an agreement with Emirates Space Imaging Consultancy (ESIC) to better cater to the rapidly expanding geospatial market of Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital city.


SIME entered into an agreement with SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, whereby SIME will act as an authorized SimActive distributor in the Middle East region.

SIME supports Dubai’s M-Government initiative and successfully completes projects for Dubai Land Department, Dubai Municipality and Dubai Statistics Center. The projects included the design and development of GIS web portals and cross-platform mobile applications.


Space Imaging Middle East (SIME) proudly announced that it has been assigned by Emirates Space Imaging (ESI) to oversee the operation of its Abu Dhabi-based SkyNode, its new compact ground receiving station. This partnership will introduce, for the first time in the Middle East region, a new generation of high-resolution imagery products directly from the Skybox Imaging satellite constellation.

SIME expands its aerial imagery division and partners with Aerial Imaging Saudi Arabia to provide the Saudi market with a complete suite of aerial imagery products and services.

CODRO is a dedicated technology company that supports SIME in providing a full range of software development services, ranging from custom GIS applications to mobile app development.