Our Coverage Area

More than 2.7 billion km2 of high quality imagery!

Our Coverage

The vast DigitalGlobe archive today contains 2.7 billion km2 of high quality imagery (<15% cloud cover, <20° off nadir), both current and historical. And the DigitalGlobe constellation has an unprecedented collection of 700 million km2 per year. That’s why we can offer guaranteed coverage with regular refresh commitments for the places around the globe where we live, work, and play – such as country capitals plus other major cities worldwide, thousands of airports, ports and harbors, and millions of km2 of coastlines and oil basins.


The Best View of the Earth

With the most advanced commercial satellite constellation, DigitalGlobe offers the greatest collection and faster refresh to any place on Earth. Of all high-resolution commercial imagery collected since 2010, DigitalGlobe has collected approximately 80% of it.

More Access

Three advanced, agile commercial imaging satellites allow you greater access to more content. On-demand access and content download. Content when you want it, where you want it.

Better Collection

With over 2 billion square kilometers in our archive and growing, DigitalGlobe is the commercial imagery content leader. We image 2/3 of the earth’s landmass every 90 days, adding 2.5 million km2 every day.

Faster Refresh

We can refresh imagery from the same location almost daily. This gives customers the power to understand and take action.