All the functionality of desktop GIS over the web

GeoServ is a robust web mapping application which allows you to create, manage and visualize information from multiple data sources for sharing and in-depth analysis.

GeoServ, a ready-to-deploy application, is designed and developed to enable users to leverage GIS everywhere via a web browser. GeoServ serves as a complete, self-contained application that enables timely retrieval of information, advanced analysis, quick integration and secure dissemination of information.

Significant cost savings

NO client licenses, reduced development / deployment, & reduced maintenance costs. All the functionality of a Desktop GIS over the Web – No need to be a GIS Expert!

Web-based Administration

Easy-to-use web set-up of spatial data and geospatial web services, including definition of Maps, Styling, Metadata and Role-based access restriction

100% Web based Environment

All functions are provided in a pure web environment with cloud compatibility. GeoServ includes robust pure-web editing capability for a full range of geometry features

Business Intelligence & Analysis

Including search, query builder, graphs, charts & reports – identify critical trends and process this information with intuitive tools to build queries and format reports

Permission and Access Control List

Extensive permissions scheme management module supported by Access Control list for data sets, maps, layers, attributes, search, print templates and functions

Security Management

GeoServ offers complete User, User Group & Permissions scheme management along with database based authentication. You can also authorize access based on ACL & Permission Schemes to Maps, Layers, Attributes, Search, Identify, Map, Tools & Operations and External Tables

GeoServ Modules

what makes GeoServ robust and scaleable

Map Management

Switch between multiple maps configured by the administrator.

Map controls: Zoom, Pan, Full screen, Measure, Identify, Print, Send via Email, Link to, Scale-bar and Legend Map Labels Management (Annotations i.e. Point, Polygon, Text, Line ) with custom coloring schemes Attach & view any file (Word Document, Excel, Autocad drawings, Videos) based on permissions with any artifact (Land, Property etc.) Link geo-spatial features data (i.e. Buildings, Parcels, Lands or Map Artifacts) to external database systems (all JDBC compliant databases such as MSSQL, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL etc) Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding support

Geo-Spatial Search

Export Tabular data and/or Map as KML, KMZ, Excel or PDF document along with Map image in number of image formats

Automated ranking of results; Cache the query results; Advanced Search based on map, layer, attribute; Extents search & Query Builder; Search Nearby with classification and distance; Export / Show results in Google Earth

Layer Management

Add Layers: ArcGIS / ArcIMS / ArcSDE, Shape File, Image File (Formats), KML/KMZ and (OGC)WMS & WFS.

Modify layer properties; See multiple / selected layers at a time; Assign layer to user and user group; Multi-Level Join / Link with any External JDBC Compliant Database Tables (i.e. MSSQL, MYSQL, Postgres, Oracle etc. )

Live Feed

Allows you to view multiple live feeds from multiple sources in an easy-to-navigate map environment.

Added functionality of a live feed AVL management component The system contains a dedicated Livefeed management Server GeoServ shows the published data on Maps at runtime.

System Administration

Extensive User and Security Management Tools.

Easy system configurations using GUI Access Control List; Map Management; Multiple sources; Layer management; Attribute management; Site Customization

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